Power supply failure of EVM-5004-10-FSP

Power supply failure of EVM-5004-10-FSP – and repair as solution

Power supply EVM-5004-10-FSP

Problem: That unit EVM-5004-10 from FSP was working. The power supply shut down because of some failure detected. The system message was not very specific.
If I remove the unit off and then put it in place, it would work normally for 5 minutes and then the problem will come again.
Lösung: Repair of the power supply EVM-5004-10 by Engel-Informationstechnik
Feedback: “Olá Jens,
Ok, I have decided to repair it.
I’m sure you have the necessary technical skills to fix/replace the bad parts and I hope the unit will have the same life expectancy as a new one.
I decided for you because I think that is best for the Planet to recycle then to replace by new, so please send me the payment instructions and I’ll pay by Paypal.
Best regards,
Branche: Visual media, photo and so on
Region: South Europe, Spain, country near Mediterranean Sea


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