A longer life for your hardware

by Jens Engel – guidance to preserve your hardware

Does power supplies fall out before their normal service life is reached?
You can reduce the danger yourself very easily. Just stick to the following points:

constant temperature

The temperature should be lower than 25° C (even in summer) and an air moisture of less than 50% in your server room(?). If your air conditioner can’t keep that up, then a technician should do a maintenance asap. It spares you from annoying defects which cost time, money and sometimes even important data.
With the waste heat you can keep the building warm – and save heating costs.

The service life halves with a temperature of only 10 Kelvin higher.
Example: One of my clients sent me half-dozen identically power supplies for express repair.
During the examination I ascertained that they all had the same defect: Overheating.
After consulting my client it turned out, that the air conditioner dropped out for a few hours over night. With this hint, the other power supplies in the room could be protected from overheating very cheap (before they were all defective and all machines would have stand still).

dust-free room conditions

Why? 3 out of 10 power supplies I repair failed out because of massive dust deposit. That’s why the dust collector in your air conditioner should be checked regularly. (At least once per year. Make a maintenance schedule.)

Example: A medium-sized company had many failing hard disks again and again. After a visit the reason was soon figured out. The dust collectors of the air conditioner hadn’t been checked for some years so the temperature was constantly too high. That caused: needless costs, data loss, irritation … because of such a preventable bagatelle.

With these easy hints the service life of your hardware can be increased considerably!

Keep your product safe when it arrives!

Example: A parcel service delivers your package and you launch it right away – a short circuit will happen. That’s because of the temperature difference between inside and outside which causes dangerous condensation and destroys itself. And that needn’t happen, right?
Just wait a bit until the equipment has reached room temperature before you use it.