Schroff PS 20 and PS 21

Power supplies from Schroff

In video surveillance from Grundig AP 76 and others

These manufacturer has not offered repair services for years. This is exactly where we can help you.

The Schroff PS 20 and Schroff PS 21 power supplies are both visually identical, but not identical in construction. We repair these as well as the PS 10 and the PSU drawer reliably and cost-effectively. Here our repair success rate is about 98%. That means, these PSUs can almost always be repaired by our highly qualified technicians without any problems.
For a short repair time, we usually have all the necessary spare parts available with us.

This Power supplies are typically used in systems for video surveillance. For example, in authorities and organizations entrusted with security tasks, power stations and prisons. Or also in the German armed forces, at airports, in refineries and corporations.

The models PS 20 and PS 21 slide-in power supplies, designed for rackmounting, are still reliably in use in many places today. Fortunately, thanks to the redundant design of the slide-in units, our customers usually only complain of one power supply failure. Prompt repair will allow the system to operate fully and reliably with both power supplies again.

Repair and preventive revision

Due to a lack of maintenance plans, these power supplies often fail because they have often already exceeded their service life (MTBF, mean time between failure). However, the life expectancy can easily be doubled by hardware and software upgrades without re-investment. This means that your infrastructure does not have to be completely replaced at high cost just because of a power supply failure.
In addition, it is advisable to send individual modules to us for preventive overhaul before a case of damage occurs. Then your system will continue to operate continuously during the revision period and we will ensure that your order is carried out quickly.

We do not need any additional external infrastructure for overhaul and repair. Just send us the single power supply unit, which you can remove from the rack yourself via the simple locking mechanism.
As soon as we receive the well-padded, antistatically packed and transport-insured parcel shipment together with our completed repair form, our incoming goods department forwards it directly to our laboratory. You will then receive a binding cost estimate after our inspection.

Power supplies from Schroff also from Philips or Pentair

It is also worth knowing that some Schroff power supplies with a different model designation were also sold by Philips or Pentair.
For example, the Schroff 11009-065/AB is identical to the Philips PE 1957/26, while the Schroff PS 20 was also sold as Pentair Order-No. 11096-105.

Other power supplies from Schroff

Of course we also offer the repair of other power supply models from this manufacturer. For example the models DCM 105B, HDB-60B, NPS 022, MAX 124, MPS022, PSM 124, PSM 230, SB202, SB203, SPF 124, SPK105, SPM 312 and many more.