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Astec VS1 / VS3 series power supply unit

we repair your Astec power supply
Repair of all ASTEC power supply models of the VS1 / VS3 series

You have modular ASTEC power supplies in use in your machines? These are mostly installed in flight or vehicle simulators, machine controls, automatic measuring systems and digital projection systems – a very frequently used power supply that we know well and can repair easily and quickly.
Repairing this power supply is much cheaper for you than buying a new system or machine. This way you extend the lifetime of your usually very reliable equipment.

The manufacturer Astec has not existed for 20 years. But we can help you with these defective power supplies reliably and inexpensively. Because we are the only ASTEC specialist in Europe!
As part of our repair work, we always perform a general overhaul of the aged components as well as a hardware update of the last known revision of ASTEC.ASTEC power supplies, e.g. for wire bonding of the Orthodyne 3600 series, are one of our specialties. We love working with them. Be it a VS1 or VS3 series power supply – you’ve come to the right place.

Sale and exchange is also possible through us. We are your contact in terms of modular power supply repair and sale. Simply contact us by phone or email and we will discuss everything else regarding ASTEC power supply repair.

We often have the following Astec models with us for repair:
– VS3-K9-K8-H244-03 for repair, among others for ICT test system of the 228x series.
– VS3-K7-K5-H233-00 IT Storage power supply for repair, also from ASTEC
– MP6-1L-1L-1Q-1Q-1F-00-621 for general overhaul
– Sale of RS-PSU-450-4835-AC-1, 84627-01A from Astec / Xyratex
– RS-PSU-450-4835-AC-1 84627-03A from Astec / Xyratex,  power supply exchange (your defective one for our functional one)
– AA22900 341-0037-05 B0 for repair
– LPS-535 / LPS535 for repair

Other Astec power supplies we are happy to repair

VS3-K2-B3-B5-G24-00(-478VS3-C8-A8-02 (-451-CE) 2000WVS3-D9-B5-G25-06 (-CE)
VS3-K7-K7-K5-H233-00VS3-L4-03 (669-CE) 73-190-6069CEVS3-D4-B4-22 (-447-CE) PS 2000W
VS3-C2-C2-02(-450-CE)VS3-C8-A8-A8-02(-451-CE)73-190-5023CE VS3-D8-A0-H555-00
VS3-B2-B4-A8-00VS3-C8-A8-A8-02 (1451)73-190-5064CE VS3-B2-B4-A4-00
VS1-L3-02 (-335-CE)VS3-K6-A2-G44-00ASTEC VS3-L1-B2-E33-00 2000W
VS3-D9-C9-20 2000W Power Supply 73-190-0018VS3-C2-H045-00MP6-3Q-00-743 73-560-7043 24VDC 23.5A
VS3-D9-A5-00 ASYMTEK M-2000 DISPENSING ASTECVS3-D9-A5-00(-562-CE) 73-190-5062CE VS3D9A50MP8-3W-1W-30 ASTEC PN 73-580-0003
VS3-D4-B4-22(-447) 2000W Power SupplyVS3-D8-D8-02 (-572-CE)MP6-1L-1L-1Q-1Q-1F-00-621
VS3-K7-K7-K5-H233-00(-672-CEVS1-D5-00 73-180-0033CEVS1-L4-00-CE 73-180-0208CE
73—190-6016CEVS1-L4-00-CE 73-180-0208CEVS3-B5-F244-E52-02
VS3-L1-A2-A2-00 VS3-L1-A2-A2-00 (613-CE)VS3-B5-F244-E52-02VS3-D6-C6-06 28v 2000W
VS1-D5-00 73-180-0033CEVS3-C2-K2-A0-20(-CE)VS3-D9-B8-00
VS1-L4-00-CE 73-180-0208CEVS3-D2-G44-G58-00(-488-CE)VS3-K5-K5-F233-F233-00 (-491-CE) P/N 73-190-4091
VS3-L4-D8-00 (-471)VS3-L8-B8-21… and many other

Special features

Special attention is paid to the Astec power supplies with the long name and the many minus signs.
VS3-K9-K8-H244-03 ASTEC
VS3-B2-B4-A4-00 Power supply unit Astec
VS3-K2-B3-B5-G24-00(-478) Power Supply Astec

All these power supplies are fundamentally different. VS3 is a designation for the base unit or baseboard with PFC (Power Factor Correction). The designations K9, K8, K7, K5, K2 etc. are designations for the plug-in units/individual modules in the housing (other designations are e.g. B3, B5, G24, H233, H244).

Here is a list of Astec power supply models that we often repair: 73-190-5023CE VS3-D8-A0-H555-00, 73-190-5064CE VS3-B2-B4-A4-00, 73-317-005, ASTEC VS3-L1-B2-E33-00 2000 W, MP6-3Q-00-743 73-560-7043 24VDC 23.5A, MP8-3W-1W-30 ASTEC PN 73-580-0003, VS1-D3-00-CE, VS1-D5-00 73-180-0033CE, VS1-L3-02 (-335-CE), VS1-L4-00-CE 73-180-0208CE, VS3-B2-B4-A8-00, VS3-B5-F244-E52-02, VS3-C2-C2-02(-450-CE), VS3-C2-G33-00, VS3-C2-H045-00 ,VS3-C2-K2-A0-20(-CE), VS3-C3-C8-00, VS3-C8-A8-02 (-451-CE) 2000 watt, VS3-C8-A8-A8-02 (1451), VS3-C8-A8-A8-02(-451-CE), VS3-D2-G44-G58-00(-488-CE), VS3-D4-B4-22 (-447-CE) PS 2000W, VS3-D4-B4-22(-447) 2000W Power Supply, VS3-D5-D5-20, Vs3-D6-C6-06 28v 2000W, VS3-D8-D8-02 (-572-CE), VS3-D9-A5-00 ASYMTEK M-2000 DISPENSING ASTEC, VS3-D9-A5-00(-562-CE) 73-190-5062CE VS3D9A50, VS3-D9-B5-G25-06 (-CE), VS3-D9-B8-00, VS3-D9-C9-20 2000W Power Supply 73-190-0018, VS3-D9-C9-20-CE, VS3-K3-H233-00, VS3-K5-A2-G33-00, VS3-K5-K5-F233-F233-00 (-491-CE) P/N 73-190-4091 ,VS3-K6-A2-G44-00, VS3-K7-K7-K5-H233-00, VS3-L1-A2-A2-00 VS3-L1-A2-A2-00 (613-CE), VS3-L3-B3-20-CE, VS3-L4-03 (669-CE) 73-190-6069CE, VS3-L4-D8-00 (-471), VS3-L6-B6-21, VS3-L8-B8-21.