Power Supply Offer

Special offer of power supply units

power supply offerWe overhaul, repair and sell power supply units and offer the replacement of a defective power supply in advance. If you have any further questions, just give us a call. Our competent team will be glad to help you!

For overhauled power supply units we give 12 months warranty on parts installed by us. The prices do not include shipping costs.
We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Every month we have new inexpensive sales, repair and exchange offers as special offers for you in our assortment!
Here is a small selection of our approx. 3,600 different stock power supplies.
Sale of refurbished power supply modules with 12 months warranty.
The Ebay prices are inclusive VAT and inclusive shipping costs (*only while stocks last).

Here you come directly to our Ebay-Shop Engel-Informationstechnik or ask us by e-mail via info@engel-informationstechnik.de.

Listing of our current special offer

We offer further power supplies on request.
Please note that the offers power supply unit exchange and power supply unit repair are services and not the sale of power supply units.
If you choose an exchange, we will send you a functional power supply and you will please send us your defective device. In case of a repair we need your defective power supply and make it functional again within the period of time you choose, also possible as express service. Afterwards we will send you the repaired unit again.

Netzteil Model /power supply model P/N part number (orig.) Hersteller/manufactor
A236 CF00300-2137/ ECD140200007 / 300-2137-02  
ATX-300PNF 9PA3009801 ATX  
Cherokee SP555-3A S00440  
DSR850-0 60100-07  
EFRG-P2657H ..  
EFRP-250A 9271CPSU-0010  
EFRP-250ANF 9276CPSU-001  
EFRP-300 n.a.  
ENP-3927B ENP-3927B-GC2  
EWP115 5769B0F94PE34Z ATX HP  
FSP400-70MP Medical Powersupply MP conform  
LPD2-300W ..  
M1W-6500P n.a.  
PSM-ISR950EP n.a.  
RAS-2662P 3G049468199  
RS-PSU-450-AC1 PMT315900065623  
SH-250 SRD-P n.a.  
SH-3202-P ..  
YM-2381A 9ACPSU-0010 / CP-1349R2 3Y Power Technology
YM-2451C YM-2451CA01R 3Y Power Technology
YM-2531A CP-1282R2 9279CPSU-0010 3Y Power Technology
YM-2531B CP-YM-2531BAR 9373CPSU-0010 3Y Power Technology
YM-3591A YM-3591AAR 8100000051 3Y Power Technology
YM-5201B CP-1209R2 Netzteil for VK / Videokonferenzsystem Polycom HDX 9000, and for HDX9002
3Y Power Technology
YM-5201D YM-5201DAR PWS-202-1H 3Y Power Technology
YM-5401A 6500193 3Y Power Technology
YM-5411A .. 3Y Power Technology
YM-5411B 9274CPSU-0010 / CP-1121R2 3Y Power Technology
YM-7381C PN: YM7381CBR 3Y Power Technology
SP352-2C .. Ablecom
SP402-1S PWS-0036 Ablecom
SP423-1S PWS-0053 Ablecom
PWS-0045 / SP450-RP .. Ablecom / Supermic
SP 252-TC (oder SP252-TC) 672042620326 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP-302-TS PWS-0044-M // 672042620357 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP302-1S (SP-302-1S (ohne Minus richtig)) 672042620470 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP382-TS PWS-0050-M 672042620456 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP402-2C n.a. Ablecom / Supermicro
SP402-2S 672042620203 / PWS-0037 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP502-1S 672042620425 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP502-2S PWS-0049 672042620432 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP552-2C PWS-0047 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP562-1R PWS-0057 672042620548 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP650-RP PWS-0056 Ablecom / Supermicro
SP700-1R 672042620609 Ablecom / Supermicro
API2PC23 .. AcBel
API3FS43 n.a. AcBel
API5FS22 04G18404000 / API5FS22-000G AcBel
FS6003 04G185019402 AcBel
FS7023 39Y7206 AcBel
HP-U252EF3 M75070702381 AcBel
FS7014 04G185021410 AcBel
PC7057 S0412620 AcBel
PC9053 LC-PN: 36001859 LI-P/N: 0A37783 Fru 54Y8846 AcBel
MG15-8B MG15-8bCR3 Advanced
ADP-310AF B .. Applied
AP0460NAP K150-K0020A Ap
APM0500HAP-A AS04Y09787 Ap
LC-8400BTX n.a. ARLT Computer
NFS80-7606 .. Artesyn
7000967-Y000 44V7901 Artesyn
AA20710 .. Astec
AA22900 341-0037-05 B0 Astec
AA23260 39Y7333 / 39Y7334 NOS Astec
AA24640RS5 equivalent to DPSN-550AP A Astec
ATX93-3405 6500506 Astec
SA145-3420 .. Astec
VS3-K9-K8-K8-H244-03 723-190-6081CE Astec
RS-PSU-450-4835-AC-1 84627-03A, to Dell EQUALLOGIC PS6500 Astec / Xyratex
RS-PSU-450-4835-AC-1 84627-01A Astec / Xyratex
A-45GA TS300-E3-PA4 Astec
ATX-1125C .. Avanced Technologies
PUR-3753M-P40 n.a. Ax
BQT E6-350W .. be quiet
ATX-250-12Z .. Best
SP530-1A 0370001-501 oder S00495 Cherok
HP-S5601E0 40022-03, FRU PN: 69Y0201 Chicony Power Technology
R12-1K6P2A For Quanta Server S810-X52L, 12V/133Amp./1600Watt, PN: F336721441001409 Chicony Power Technology
AP-400X(P/PFC) n.a. Coldware
CWA2-0650-10-SM01-1 672042000456 Coldware
CWA2-650-10-IT01 023832-005 Coldware
PA-5331-1 270371-001 Compuware
PDP-124P 308439-001 Compuware
PS-6241-3CF Series PDP123P Compuware
PS4000 n.a. Compuware
PSM200A-89 PSM-200A-89 mini ATX Netzteil, for Qnap Nas TS-409U C
AA23290 .. Dell
DD670 – 03H7TN / 3H7TN DD670 – 03H7TN / 3H7TN DELL 1100 Watt power supply / for PowerEdge Data Domain DD670 – 03H7TN / 3H7TN Dell
L280P-01 PS-5281-5DF-LF Dell
L305P-00 Dell PN: PD5032 7 pn: PS-6311-2DFS / CN-0D5032-71615-51S-1EEF Dell
N230p-00 .. Dell
NPS-210AB C n.a. Dell
DVE DSO-142L For DELL + Avocent Power Edge 180AS & KVM 2160AS KVM switch + KVW 180AS PN: RP163 PY252 W7941 Dell
DPS-1050DB A 508149-001, for HP Z800 Workstation Dell
DPS-111AB A n.a. Dell
DPS-200PB-138 C n.a. Dell
DPS-300PB-2 A .. Dell
DPS-350AB A 744285-009 Dell
DPS-350MB a A45295-007 Dell
DPS-500EB A A76009-007 Dell
DPS-500GB H 380108-002 for Proliant Dell
DPS-730AB A C46098-004 Dell
DPS-750EB A D20850-005 Dell
DPS-750PB A E30692-007 Dell
DPS-750QB A E67645-005 Dell
DPS-830AB A D20852-005 Dell
TDPS-825AB B .. Dell
DPS-350MBL n.a. Dell
TDPS-600CB C D94853-004 Dell
DPS-250AB-7C n.a. Dell
DPS-460BBb 361392-001 325718-001 HSTNS-PD01 Delta
DPS-700EB A C41625-007 Delta
TDPS-600CB F Sun PN: 300-2245-01 Delta
DPS-1000DB A D73299-008 Delta
DPS-149AB 5185-2974 Delta
DPS-345AB D AF345 C00001 Delta
DPS-350MB-3 A IBM PN: 49P2116 / EC Nr: H22799M / RPS-350 Delta
DPS-400GB-1 A 614-0338 Delta
DPS-730AB C 856-851261-011-c Delta
DPSN-180AB A PSU for Cisco ASA5510 V.01. Delta
GPS-200AB A GPS-200AB A P/N: n.a. Delta
RPS-350-9 A 49p2036 Delta
DPSN-550AP A .. Delta
DPS-800GB A A 379123-001 / GPN:3880622-001 / OPN: 399771-001 ProLiant DL380 G5 ML350 server power supply Delta
DPS-1200TB A G18593-004 Delta
DPS-1200TB A G18593-007 Delta
DPS-750XB A E98791-005 Delta
DPS-750XB A E98791-006 Delta
PTP-2008 .. DTK Computer
PTP-3038 .. DTK Computer
EVM-2614-00 9YA2600100 Elan Vital
EVM-3014-00 9YA3001000 Elan Vital
EVM-3504-10 A40629020316 Elan Vital
EVM-3603-10 A50422060163 Elan Vital
EVM-4004-10 9YA4000800 Elan Vital
EVM-5003-10 9YA5000400 Elan Vital
EVM-5004-10 EVM500410 Elan Vital
EVR-3006 n.a. Elan Vital
EVR-4607-06 n.a. Elan Vital
EVM-4014-00 9YA4000700 Elan Vital
GIN-5420P B012190001 Emacs
GIN-6350P n.a. Emacs
M1G-6500P 26C-540004/20050420P Emacs
M1G3-6930P 2001370002, 4 x redundant Emacs
M1Z-6375P3 B001750001 Emacs
MIN-6250P (V1) n.a. Emacs
MPW-6200F B000150231 Emacs
MRW-6420P B000480079 Emacs
MRW-6420P-R B010480008 Emacs
PSL-6850P B00PSL0850003 Emacs
R2G-6300 redundant PSU 2 x R2U-6300P-R Emacs
R3G-5800P4V n.a. Emacs
7001484-J000 REV D 7001484 Emerson
EG301PX-VB .. EnerMax
EPR525AWT 801022984100 EnerMax
ERM-320RDX n.a. EnerMax
ERM2400H 10475466 EnerMax
ENP-2220e .. Enhance
SFX-1209F 1946351L0103015422 Enhance
EFA-250 672042620265 Etasis
EFAP-552 25 2000-55000E02 Etasis
EFRP-303R n.a. Etasis
EFRP-462 n.a. (at Cabinet EFRP-2462) Etasis
EFRP-463 (Backplane on ER1-4 Barebone) Psu for S10H104 Etasis
EFRP-465 IFT-9270CPSU for ES F16F-R2J2 Etasis
EFRP-465AL 51-30000-5022, for activa storage ACARPS Etasis
EPR-301 EPR-301-6000 Etasis
FST-518 For Fibrenetix E2-1652 Etasis
IFRP-352 9272CPSU-0011 Etasis
IFRP-462 9273CPSU-0010 Etasis
IFRP-532NF 9273ECPSU-0010, for S16F-R1430, Infortrend, Oxygen, Eonstor Etasis
IFRP-532NFE 9273ECPSU-0010, for S16F-R1430, Infortrend, Oxygen, Eonstor Etasis
EFN-300 .. Etasis
EFN-560 .. Etasis
EFRP-G2657H .. Etasis
EFRP-X302H .. Etasis
EFRD-PA40 .. Etasis
EFRG-P2657H .. Etasis
EFRP-G507 .. Etasis
EFRP-S2307H .. Etasis
EFRP-S2507H .. Etasis
DD800HT B557232-01 at Barco Excelsys
FSP145-50NI .. Fortron Sources
FSP-270-50SNV 9PA2700106 Fortron Sources
FSP200-601U 9PA2001701 Fortron Sources
FSP220-60LE 9PA2201110F Fortron Sources
FSP275-50BW 9PA2750200 Fortron Sources
FSP300-60GTP 9PA3003502 ATX Fortron Sources
FSP300-60LD 9PA300C400 S7321150042 Fortron Sources
FSP350-601U 9PA3501301 / PWS-0042-20 Fortron Sources
FSP350-60HHN 9PA350AG01 ATX Fortron Sources
FSP350-60HLN .. Fortron Sources
FSP350-60MDN 9PA3502804 ATX Fortron Sources
FSP120-50GNF FSP120-50GNF Fortron Sources
FSP350-60EVF 9YA3500704 or 04G1850142H0 Fortron Sources
2 Aukt:Var: 9 Rep; 1 VK, 1 ATV .. FSP
FSP 400-60GHN 9PA4007304 FSP
FSP180-50NI(VPF) .. FSP
FSP200-60ATV 9PA2003304 FSP
FSP270-50SNV 9PA2700118 FSP
FSP300-60PLN 9PA3004203 FSP
FSP300-60THN-P 9PA3007902 FSP
FSP350-60HHN(85) 9PA350AG01 FSP
FSP400-60GHN(85) .. FSP
EVM-3614-00 9YA3600300 FSP
DPS-250AB-8 B Fujitsu PN: S26113-E512-V50 Fujitsu
HP-D2508E0 250 Watt HP-D2508E0 FSC Primergy TX100 S2 S26113-E551-V70 Fujitsu
HP-S401E0 A3C40098544, for Pro Liant DL 380 Fujitsu
HP-S4701E0 A3C40098544 Fujitsu
MC 10 PS1 W07-0540-1 86170-03 Power supply 40R 650 1670 5-01 Videoencoder
515PS1 oder GE 515PS1 Batch 09244 General Electric
PPS100-12 TPS100-12 , for General Electric 515PS1 General Electric
GE-515PS1 .. General Electric
HMP2030 0 .. Hameg
HMP4030 0 .. Hameg
HMP4040 .. Hameg
HEC-250SR-AT n.a. Hec
HEC-350TC-7WK n.a. Hec
Windmill 385 HEC-385WA-PTS Hec
DPS-600PB B 321632-501 and 321632-001 Hewlett Packard
DPS-700GB a 411076-001 Hewlett Packard
ESP128 HP Compaq ProLiant DL360 G3 280127-001 305447-001 ESP128 Hewlett Packa
HSTNS-PL05 406833-001 Hewlett Packard
PS-3381-1C1 194989-002 HP StorageWorks MSA20 / Spare No. 313299-001 Hewlett Packard
HP-W500FF3 D14269-005 Hewlett Packard
HP-M1854F3P 24P6882 EC H20407W Hewlett Packard
HP-W700WC3 E5047001030631j054526 Hewlett Packard
ENT 10512-R .. Hirschmann / Vogt Electron
ENT10515-R AC 743970013 ENT 10515-R AC Hirschmann / Vogt Electron
API4PC07 ..  
API5PC49 ..  
ATSN 7001044-Y000 P/N: 380622-001 & P/N: 379124-001  
DPS-250FB-2 A ..  
DPS-700 GB A 393527-001  
ESP 128 ..  
HSTNS-PA01 337867-501 / AA23531  
PS-6361-02 HP Part No.: 437358-001  
PS-6361-4HF ..  
PS-6361-4HFD HP Part No.: 416224-001  
9475CPSU-0010 9475 CPSU-0010 ESDS 3060 GE/GT2/GTE/RE/RT2/RTE. JB 3060G/R, 2060 G/R, JB 260 G/R. Infortrend
9571CPSU-0010 9571 CPSU-0010 ESDS Infortrend
9N5PSU-0010 Eon NAS 3016 RT Infortrend
N3016PSU-0010 N3016 PSU-0010 Eon NAS 3016 RT1/ST1 Infortrend
APM0500HAPB 0150-L0025J Infortrend
IP-P300F7-2 1DDF300-F20010 InWin
IW-P240F7-2 1DWP240F7200N0 InWin
KYP-200WG .. King Year
SA61SV2 SA61SV2 Charger for crane remote control
JWT75-522/A SPS/PLC Lambda/T
LC350M n.a. LC Power
LSA-0224CN LGP LSA-0224 CN 200W AT power supply LC Power
PS-5161-6F1 .. Lite-on technology
PS-5261-6F .. Lite-on technology
PS-15400EP B001080069 Lite-on technology
PS-320-P2 n.a. / in Cage (dual redundant) SPX-0183/c Lite-on technology
PS-3591-1 YF0010004001 Lite-on technology
SH-300SRD-P n.a. n.
UNT-1 UNT-1 n.
NPS-180DB A n.a. Newton Power Lt
NPS-200PB-121 B n.a. Newton Power Lt
NPS-200PB-132A .. Newton Power Lt
CX5000 Power Data Box P/N: X811891-002 power supply for Video conferencing systems Polycom Video conferencing systems
RPP-303A for SR150, 382167 (114225) = 25-A202 Raid Subsystem Potrans
RM 1100 124194 Powec
FSP300-60GRA MPB060804 Power Man
NPB80-3300 Open Frame power supply for FC Switches Power One
PW-65A001 PW-65A001 96051 (12V, 3,75A; 5V, 4A) Power Win
FNR-5-48G .. Power-One
31425-03A 31425-03A / 3142503A power supply / FAN UNIT Q-Logic SAN-Box 5600 + R-SB5000 QLogic
SBPSFAN2FB PN: 31741-03B QLogic
RS-ACRS-4835 60203-06A Rasilent
RS-PSU-350-1220-AC PMW837120005C01 Rasilent
RS-PSU-450-4835-AC-1 84627-02A Rasilent
EPAP-420 SMPS 300-1666-02 BJ 44-00026A Samsung Etasis for SUN Micro Systems
SPM 216 Switchpac-Dual 2x15V; Ord.No: 11096-086 H54630; 84605 00110, for Neumann N5000 mixer Schroff Neumann
PS 20 11096-105 H.XM87-23 Schroff Pentair / Phillips
PS 21 13190028 / H.Xm 87-25 Schroff Pentair / Phillips
GS-220T GS-22T P/N: n.a. Seasonic
SS-145SFD ACTIVE PFC .. Seasonic
SS-250SFD n.a. Seasonic
SSR-400 redundant cabinet Seasonic
SSR-400SU .. Seasonic
SS-300FK Active PFC .. Seasonic
ST-200UAB-05E 4301-0017-11 for NAS Thecus N5200 PRO Seventeen
PC43I3503 n.a. Shuttle
RAM-1331P 968767101 Sunpower
RPP-303 n.a. Sunpower, Dartec, Potrans
SC825 TQ-563LPB – .. Supermicro / Ablecom
SC846 E16-R1200B .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K02A-1R .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K03A-1R .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K28P-SQ .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K62-BR .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K62P-1R n.a. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K68A-1R .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-2K04A-1R .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-2K53-BR .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-406P-1R n.a. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-50 power supply – 760 Watt .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-605P-1H 672042088751 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-665-PQ 672042023424 and P665PAD50D12364 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-741P-1R 672042090778 Supermicro / Ablecom
SC747 BTQ-R1K62B – Tower – 4U .. Supermicro / Ablecom
SC815 TQ-600CB .. Supermicro / Ablecom
SC826 E16-R500LPB .. Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K41-BR .. Supermicro
PWS-1K01-1R 672042620685 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K21P-1R 672042041862 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K22-1R 672042011780 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K41F-1R 672042046874 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-1K41P-1R 672042046881 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-2K01-BR 672042004195 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-502-PQ 672042054213 ATX Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-561-1H 672042620715//ATX 20Pin Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-561-1H 672042620715//ATX 24Pin Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-702A-1R 672042003679 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-704P-1R 672042059997 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-721P-1R 672042041909 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-801-1R 672042002948 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-902-1R 672042012787 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-920P-SQ 672042077205 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-981-1S 672042013173 Supermicro / Ablecom
PWS-651-1R .. Supermicro / ColdWatt
P1A-6200P 6P1A-200B033 Zippy Emacs
P1G-6250P 6P1G-250B009 Zippy Emacs
P1M-6400P n.a. Zippy Emacs
PS-1S400EP 2001080069 Zippy Emacs
PSO-2S510EP B000270255 Zippy Emacs
PCSR-400-S2S (for AXRR-LH000FF-F ADTX) 209592 TDK Xyratex
DS850-3-002 (005) HS-PSU-850-AC 95882-02 or HS-PSU-850-AC-INT TDK Xyratex
H1U-6200P B001250119 26A-12050842, for Endian Macro X1 Firewall Zippy / Emacs

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