Express repair

Express repair of power supplies

Are you in a hurry? Then our express repairs are the right thing for you.
With us, same-day repairs are possible! Around the clock, every day of the week and all year round!
Especially popular for IT storage power supplies is our express service within one working day. If you need your industrial power supply even faster, then choose the Drive-In Express repair. With this type of our express repairs, you will receive your repaired power supply unit back on the day of the order.
Contact us, we will repair your power supply extremely fast and in top quality.

Procedure of an express repair

  • Announce your request of an express repair
  • Send us your defect power supply (for extra fast service we recommend express shipping)
  • We will start fixing the defective power supply as soon as it is handed in
  • After one day we will send it back to you via express shipping
Important: Please confirm your request before shipping.
Request now!
Alternatively you can check out our power supply exchange service.
Simply get in touch with us and we can discuss any further details of your request.


Drive-in Repair

Since March 2017, we have been offering you a special type of express repair: Drive-in Repair.
How does it work?
Very simple: You call us and bring your defective power supplies to us. Within about two hours we will repair your power supply unit (also industrial power supplies). More “fast fixing” is not possible. This is the fastest express repair we can offer you and probably also the fastest power supply express repair you can find in Europe. We look forward to seeing you!

Express Repair: fast, easy, comfortable
by prior notice only
all common spare parts in stock