Specialist for power supply units – (B2B)

– with the licence to solder –

We are experts for repairing power supply units and have more than 2860 satisfied customers, actually. We are specialized in all matters of power supply.
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We repair your defective power supply

Which ones? Have a look at this list of modules.
We care for every power supply module, every year of construction.
Which defects? Don’t worry about the defect, we will make it as good as new. Even as a result of:

  • overvoltage
  • lightning strikes
  • transport damage
  • downfall damage
  • water damage

short lead time – Standard repair in approximately  3–5 working days (*depending from actual repair traffic)
overhaulig – Exchange of all the aged electronic components
12 months implied warranty
insured transport – expressdelivery possible
high quality – only selected components for long life and value
customer satisfaction – more than 2140 satiesfied customers
hotline – free of charge, no waiting line, direct contact
high grade components – long life guaranteed
✔ qualified documentation of our analysis – i.e. for insurance or consultants
✔ professional and environmentally responsible disposal

Manufactures of power supplies

All manufactures come to us to repair. We don’t exclude one. Every new power source is welcome to us.
For example: 3Com, 3DConnexion, 3M, 3Y Power Technology, Ablecom, Acbel, ACDSystems, Acer, Adaptec, Adgic, Adobe, ADS Technologies, AEG, AG neovo, Agfeo, Ahead, Aiptek International, Allied Telesis, Allied Telesyn, ALPS, Altix, AMD, Ansmann, Antec, Anycom, Aopen, APC, Apple, Apro, Archos, Artec, Asrock, Astec, Asus, Ateonix, Auerswald, Autodesk, AVM, Avocent-Cybex, AXIS, Axus, Be Quiet, Beissbart, Belinea, BELKIN, Benq, Beyerdynamic, Bleil, Bluechip Computer, Borland, Bosch, Brähler ICS, Brother, Bruel & Kjaer, BTC, CAB, Canon, Casio, Chenbro, Cherokee, Cherry, CID, cinemateq, Cisco, Club 3d, Computer Associates, Conceptronic, Concord Camera, Connect 3d, Corel, Corsair, creative, DataGroup, DataTec, Dawicontrol, Dell, Delta, DeTeWe, Devolo, Dewalt, Dicota, D-Link, DTK, Dynacord, Easyraid, Eizo, EKL, Electronics, elite, Enlight, Epson, Ergotron, Etasis, EVA, FAST LTA, Fender, Ferrari electronic, FileMaker, Fluke, Fortron, Freecom, Fujifilm, Fujitsu Siemens, Funkwerk, GigaByte, Godex, group, Guillemot, Hama, Hameg, Harman, Hauppauge, Hercules, Hewlett Packard (HP), Highpoint, Hipro, HIS, Hitachi, IBM, Ichbinleise, iiyama, Infortrend, Intel, Intenso, JMR, Kardon, King Year, Kontron, KSS, Lite-On, Lynx, Magnum, Medion, Microset, MSI, Müter, Nixdorf Computer, Noiseblocker, Packard, Panasonic, Philips, Power-One, Prema, Promise, qLogic, Rasilent, Robotron, Roccat, Samsung, Schroff, Seasonic, Sennheiser, SGI, Sharp, Siemens, Sony, STC, Sun, Supermicro, Tagan, Targa, TechniSat, Tektronics, Teufel, Toshiba, transtec, Triumph Adler, Tyan, Tyco Electronics, Typhoon, Ultron, UMAX, Unibyet, Uniwill, US Robotics, Verbatim, Veritas, ViewSonic, Wacom, Wafios, Weller, Western Digital, Wetekom, Wortmann AG, Xerox, Xyratex, Yakumo, ZF Electronics, Zippy, Zyxel

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