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We are experts for your power supply repair, especially the repair for high performance power supplies from industry and IT (B2B). Meanwhile more than 3,140 satisfied customers confirm this. Because a power supply repair is always preferable to a very expensive new purchase of the complete machine (more about our Green- IT and Sustainability).

That’s why you simply test our services around your power supply modules. Let us convince you:

  • Repair – also no longer available, very old and rare models
  • Exchange – You receive the power supply unit and send us your defect
  • Purchase – over 3,600 different models are immediately available

For more information of price please see the power supply units offers.

Engel-Informationstechnik.de, we repair your power supply

Your power supply expert – for industry and IT (B2B). We repair your defective power supplies. (Express) repair, power supply exchange, power supply purchase. Power supply repair for all models from all manufacturers.

Fast repair of industrial high performance power supplies

We have specialised in power supply repair, i.e. especially the repair of high performance power supplies for industry and IT (B2B). If it is possible, we repair defective power supplies from all manufacturers! Therefore we have already carried out more than 12.600 successful industrial power supply repairs.

Do you have an emergency in your company because one of your power supplies has failed? Then we will repair the damage and repair your defective power supply unit quickly and at a reasonable price.
To do this, you first send us your power supply unit for repair. We will then carry out a fault analysis in our laboratory and will definitely find the cause of the failure!
For the repair we only use high-quality spare parts. We also carry out a basic cleaning with subsequent general overhaul. In this way we turn your broken industrial power supply unit reliably and inexpensively into a product that continues to work reliably and has a very long service life.
Find out here about the exact repair procedure.
If you need a functional power supply unit immediately, our exchange service is at your disposal.

Attention: Unfortunately, we sometimes receive devices with external intervention which have been unprofessionally processed or pre-repaired. Some of them have been considerably damaged, which leads to considerable costs and additional work if we attempt to repair them!
Due to these grossly built in errors some of these power supplies are even destroyed or unrepairable.
We prefer to accept “unbuilt” devices. – Please let the professional do it!

We repair high-performance power supply units from ASTEC to Zyxel

As an expert in the repair of high performance power supplies for industry and IT, we have every well-known power supply manufacturer in our range, from ASTEC to Zyxel. We repair nearly all high performance power supplies for industry and IT from nearly all manufacturers and no matter from which year of manufacture. – Except for power supplies of protection class IP44, because these manufacturers make a repair impossible due to their design.
No matter what damage has occurred – in most cases we can make it functional again. Also with:

  • overvoltage
  • lightning strikes
  • transport damage
  • downfall damage
  • water damage

Here is a list of some manufacturers and modules whose power supply models we repair. If the manufacturer of your product is not listed, just ask us if we still repair or sell it. The answer will most likely be “yes”.

Your advantages at a glance ✔

  • 24-7-365 according to HRG class AOC 0 and AOC 1
  • based on DIN/EN 9001 / 14001 / 50001
  • cheaper than new purchase – no migration costs
  • high-quality components – long life is guaranteed
  • General overhaul, replacement of aged components
  • short lead times – standard repair in about 5-8 working days from receipt of goods (*depends on the current repair volume and current stock of spare parts)
  • direct contact and telephone support – no waiting loops
  • Express repairs on request – possible within one day
  • insured shipping with filling material made of 100% biodegradable packaging chips of vegetable origin
  • 12 months warranty on all repair services
  • optional express delivery is possible
  • excellent service quality – with competence and many years of experience
  • high customer satisfaction – over 3,140 satisfied customers
  • professional disposal of non-repairable power supply units
  • qualified documentation of our analyses – e.g. for insurance cases or experts
  • Inspection / cost estimates / analysis – are subject to a charge depending on the amount of work involved

Advantages of high-performance power pack repair

  • short lead timeStandard repair in approximately 5–8 working days (*depending from actual repair traffic)
  • overhaulig – Exchange of all the aged electronic components
  • 12 months implied warranty
  • insured transport – expressdelivery possible
  • high quality – only selected components for long life and value
  • customer satisfactionmore than 3140 satisfied customers
  • hotline – free of charge, no waiting line, direct contact
  • high grade components – long life guaranteed
  • qualified documentation of our analysis – i.e. for insurance or consultants
  • professional and environmentally responsible disposal

Manufactures of power supply units

All manufactures come to us to repair. We only have to exclude those power supplies for which a later repair was excluded by the manufacturer. Every new power source is welcome to us.

For example: 3Com, 3DConnexion, 3M, 3Y Power Technology, Ablecom, AcBel, ACDSystems, Acer, Adgic, ADS Technologies, AEG, AG neovo, Agfeo, Ahead, Aiptek International, Allied Telesis, Allied Telesyn, ALPS, Altix, AMD, Ansmann, Antec, Anycom, Aopen, APC, Apple, Apro, Archos, Artec, Astec, Ateonix, Auerswald, Autodesk, Avocent-Cybex, AXIS, Axus, B & O Bang and Olufsen, Belkin, Benq, Beyerdynamic, Bleil, Bluechip Computer, Borland, Bosch, Brähler ICS, Brother, Bruel and Kjaer, BTC.
CAB, Canon, Casio, Chenbro, Cherokee, Cherry, CID, cinemateq, Cisco, Club 3d, Computer Associates, Conceptronic, Concord Camera, Connect 3d, Corsair, creative, Dawicontrol, Dell, Delta, DeTeWe, Dicota, D-Link, DTK, Dynacord, Easyraid, Eizo, EKL, Electronics, Elite, Enlight, Ergotron, Etasis, EVA, Fast LTA, Fender, Ferrari electronic, Fluke, Fortron, Freecom, FSP Group, Fujifilm, Fujitsu Siemens, Funkwerk.

Godex, Guillemot. Hama, Hameg, Harman, Hercules, Hewlett Packard (HP), Highpoint, Hipro, HIS, Hitachi, IBM, Infortrend, Intenso, JMR, Kardon, King Year, Kontron, KSS, Lite-On, Lynx, Magnum, Medion, Microset, Müter, Nixdorf Computer, Philips, Power-One, Prema, Promise, Rasilent, Robotron, Roccat, Schroff, Seasonic, Sennheiser, Siemens, STC, Sun, Supermicro.
Tagan, Targa, Tektronics, Teufel, Triumph Adler, Tyan, Tyco Electronics, Ultron, UMAX, UniByte, Uniwill, Veritas, Weller, Wetekom, Xerox, Xyratex, Yakumo, ZF Electronics, Zippy, Zyxel.
Here you can find an overview of the power supply manufacturers whose power supplies we repair.

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