Power supply unit purchase

Buy a Power Supply?

Our service power supply purchase is very popular, because we have many power supplies in stock. If your power supply unit is irreparable and needs to be replaced urgently, you will find it with us. We sale different kinds of power supplies units. Check out our huge section of power supply sale. For sure you will find what you are looking for.
You can find a small selection of power supply unit purchase in the section special offers. Your power supply unit is not included?
Don’t hesitate to ask us. We have it in stock and can offer it to you as a power supply unit purchase.

Sequence of the power supply unit purchase:

  1. Which power supply module?
  2. Write a quick e-mail or give us a call to check the stock availability
  3. Get a quote by mail/phone.
  4. Confirm the offer.
  5. The package with the power supply module will be sent to you.

You don’t want to buy a power supply immediately?
Then have your defective power supply repaired. This is cheaper, saves resources and protects the environment.
You are in a hurry? With our express repair service we can help you quickly and easily. Just get in touch right away and tell us what you want.

What kind of power supply unit?

IT power supplies, industrial power supplies, control power supplies, machine power supplies, mainframe power supplies, measuring instrument power supplies, test equipment power supplies, etc.

Which brands and manufacturers?

We repair power supplies of all makes and models, e.g. for energy management systems. The bottom line is that we repair power supplies for all manufacturers, for example: Ablecom, Acbel, Adgic, Altix, Allied Telesyn, Allied Telesis, Asus, Axus, Apro, Chenbro, Cherokee, Delta, Etasis, Electronics, Easyraid, Fortron, Heidenhain, Hewlet Packard, HP, IBM, Infortrend, Intel, JMR, Lvps, Lynx, Mundorf, Power-One, Promise, Rasilent, Seasonic, SGI, Siemens, Sun, Supermicro, Tagan, Transtec, Tyan, Waeco, Xyratex, Zippy and many more.

How is the quality?

Trust in professionally executed repairs! We offer top quality on our power supply repairs. Read in any case the experiences of our customers and typical customer cases. That means: Convince yourself of our good and valuable work.
After the power supply repair we carry out several tests and trial runs. We also carry out the safety test according to EN 62638:2010-08 DIN VDE 701/702, and finally the climate and load test with your repaired industrial power supply. For your safety, you also receive a 12-month warranty. That is not enough for you? Please contact us, the warranty extension to 24 months is possible.

You don’t want to buy a power supply unit right away? Then let your power supply repair. This is cheaper, saves resources and protects the environment.
You are in a hurry? With our express service we can help you quickly and easily. Simply contact us immediately and tell us what you want.

Manufacturer and Models

3Y Power TechnologyYM-2531ACP-1282R2
3Y Power TechnologyYM-2531BCP-YM-2531BAR
3Y Power TechnologyYM-2381A9ACPSU-0010 / CP-1349R2
AAMC9500S-4LPRaidcontroller Sata 4 Port with included memory modul PC133 SO DIMM High Profile
Ablecom / SupermicroSP252-TC672042620326
Ablecom / SupermicroSP502-1S672042620425
Ablecom / SupermicroSP352-TP..
Ablecom / SupermicroSP402-2S672042620203 / PWS-0037
Ablecom / SupermicroSP700-1R672042620609
AdaptecAAR-2410-SA8A26106CF94 12x SATA 3Gb/s • RAID 0/1/10/5/50/6/JBOD • 256MB PC2-533 ECC DDR2 • Multi-lane connector High Profile SATA Controller 4 Port
AMCC9650SE-12ML701-3226-02 A New SAS High Profile SAS Controller 4 Port
DeltaDPS-200PB-138 C..
DeltaDPS-830AB AD20852-005 INFO: Backplane für 730AB kann nach entfernen des Pokajoke genutzt werden-BP für 830 ist defekt
DeltaDPS-360AB A744285-009
DeltaDPS-730AB aC46098-004
DeltaDPS-750PB AE30692-007
DeltaDSP-350MB aA45295-007
DeltaDPS-800GBa379123-001 / GPN:3880622-001 / OPN: 399771-001
Elan VitalEVM-3504-10A40629020316
Elan VitalEVM-4004-109YA4000800
Elan VitalEVM-2614-009YA2600100
Elan VitalEVM-3014-009YA3001000
Elan VitalEVM-5003-109YA5000400
Elan VitalEVM-4014-009YA4000700
EtasisIFRP-532NF9273ECPSU-0010 u.a. für S16F-R1430, Infortrend, Oxygen, Eonstor
Fortron SourceFSP-270-50SNV9PA2700106
Fortron SourceFSP200-601U9PA2001701
Fortron SourceFSP350-601U9PA3501301 / PWS-0042-20
Fortron SourceFSP350-60EVF9YA3500704
Fortron SourceFSP-220-60LE9PA2201110F

Other manufacturers and models

Infortrend Eonstor transtec80U40GC6-00-BURN80U40GC6-00-BURN Controllermodul NOS
Infortrend Eonstor transtec83AU24GDE16-0010..
Infortrend Eonstor transtec9272AFGCM089272AFGCM08-0010 Controllermodul NOS
Infortrend Eonstor transtecIFT-83AF22GD1683AF22GD16-0010 Infortrend Eonstor ESA A16F-G2221
Infortrend Eonstor transtec84AF22RD24E-0010Controllermodul NOS
Infortrend Storcase Eonstor transtecESA12FG2221M A12F-G2221Without carrier, good used condition, Cntrl.82AF22GD12-0010 with 256MB Ram // weight = 30,5kG
Infortrend Storcase Eonstor transtecIFT-82AU14GC1282AU14GC12-0010 Controllermodul NOS
Infortrend Storcase Eonstor transtec9374CFANMOD-00109374CFANMOD-0010
Infortrend, Eonstor82AF22GD12M2-0010A12F—G2221 Fibre to SATA RAID controller module, 2 x FC-2G SFP host ports, 12 x SATA-II drive channels, 256MB DDR RAM, for ESA12FG2221 without Battery Module
RasilentRPS-700-2AA52678-006 triple Cage only
SeasonicSSR-400Redundant Cabinet, besteht aus je 2 Netzteilen
Supermicro / AblecomPWS-1K81P-1R672042082568
Supermicro / AblecomPWS-2k01-BR672042004195
Supermicro / AblecomPWS-704P-1R672042059997
Supermicro / AblecomPWS-920P-SQ672042077205
XyratexDS850-3-002 (005) HS-PSU-850-AC95882-02


..EFRP-250ANF9276CPSU-0010 INFO-intern: Backplane für EFRP-250A EFRP-300 T60-POWT PV665F-POWA 9276CPSU-0010 nutzbar
..8051-SEPVTRAK strorage enclosure Processor PROMISE VTRAK M-CLASS M500i iSCSI SP Storage Enclosure Processor Vtrak 8051-SEP
..ASR-20451P2260300-R SAS Controller External-out High und low-Profile, NOS OVP
..Cherokee SP555-3AS00440
..DPS-750QB AE67645-005
..FL-SATA2-320GP0450-01 vtrack
..MRT-6320PB000460089 (Cage, redundant) with 2 moduls of power supplies included MRT-6320P-R
..PCI204-1022-4-NN-M1143PWR10 AC / AT-PWR10AC
..PSL-6701P (B4882T46U2H)2001240004
..YF0801001001Xyratex Mainboard
..ASR-24051P2260200-R 1 Port SAS Controller, High + Low Profile, NOS Komplett mit OVP
..SH-250 SRD-P..