Power Supply Service

Switched-mode power supply service and services (B2B)

Service around the switching power supply unit

power supply serviceTake advantage of our power supply service and services around the switching power supply.
To ensure your productivity, we are happy to use our entire know-how in the electronic field for you. Even in urgent cases, we are always happy to help, e.g. in case of production stoppage or other situations threatening your existence due to machine downtime, server downtime, telephone system failure due to any kind of power supply damage.

In urgent cases you can reach us on our power supply emergency hotline: +49 7072-922680 or via our web form. – Our competent first level support team is at your disposal and will try to solve your problem in the best possible way and as fast as possible.
Our response time of less than 8 hours (for e-mail or web form) is included in our standard service. And, of course, you will not incur any extra costs when using this service.
For us it is a matter of course to help our customers quickly and unbureaucratically. And according to this code of conduct (coc), we also select our suppliers in order to provide an efficient solution.

B2B, Business-to-Business

We offer our services exclusively for industry and IT (B2B), i.e. for business customers.
We are also looking for business partners and partner companies to cooperate with us. You would like to include a part of our portfolio in your offer? This gives you the opportunity to offer your customers our services at special conditions!
Gladly system houses, IT companies, IT service providers, dealers, resellers and others. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

Repair, maintenance, expansion and care of IT infrastructure

We help you with all aspects of your IT and electronic equipment. Test our power supply service.
Some examples:

  • Infrastructure must be maintained or serviced
  • Relocation of the IT
  • Repair outdated power supplies
  • Replace wearing parts
  • Expansion of the IT
  • Disposal of old, transportable electronic equipment

Your car has to go to the TÜV and you go for a preventive medical checkup. Your favourite device also deserves your attention through qualified maintenance and care. – This way you can significantly extend the service life of your equipment. – We are happy to advise you!

Disposal of IT infrastructure, certified hard disk deletion

Do you want to dispose of your old equipment in an environmentally friendly way? Together with our certified partners, we will be happy to take care of this for you.

Below, there is a list of further devices that we have repaired:

  • CNC monitors
  • EIB power supplies
  • flat TVs/monitors, Sat-Receiver, PC-Hardware
  • radio devices, microphones, …
  • high-qualit HiFi devices
  • industrial TFT monitors
  • KVA-Dreamboxes models D100; DM-500; DM-600; DM-7000; DM-7020; DM-7025; DM-8000
  • KVM-toggle
  • power supply of a hospital’s file server

power supply of:

  • air conditioning in a datacenter
  • control system for beaconing of airport landing fields
  • a computer tomograph’s control system
  • mixing control desks for television/radio stations
  • control system in print production
  • numerous machine tools (CNC-controls)
  • in various production plants
  • network switch
  • solar installations
  • control boards of various devices, e.g. from a boat, from a large-scale machine crafting metal objects, …