Power Supply Service

Service around the switching power supply

Below, there is a list of further devices that we have repaired:

  • CNC monitors
  • EIB power supplies
  • flat TVs/monitors, Sat-Receiver, PC-Hardware
  • radio devices, microphones, …
  • high-qualit HiFi devices
  • industrial TFT monitors
  • KVA-Dreamboxes models D100; DM-500; DM-600; DM-7000; DM-7020; DM-7025; DM-8000
  • KVM-toggle
  • power supply of a hospital’s file server
  • power supply for air conditioning in a datacenter
  • power supply of control system for beaconing of airport landing fields
  • power supply of a computer tomograph’s control system
  • power supply of mixing control desks for television/radio stations
  • power supply of control system in print production
  • power supplies of numerous machine tools (CNC-controls)
  • power supplies in various production plants
  • network switch
  • solar installations
  • control boards of various devices, e.g. from a boat, from a large-scale machine crafting metal objects, …

B2B, Business-to-Business

We are looking for partner companies!
We give You the possibility to offer our services to Your customers at special conditions!
We would be happy to cooperate with system houses, IT enterprises, IT service providers, merchants, resellers etc. etc.

We are interested in:

  • repair shop clearances – in order to purchase parts
  • remaining stock – in order to purchase parts