Form repair order

Repair order for power supplies (fillable online)

Repair Order Form for power suppliesPlease be sure to complete and sign the PDF “Repair order” form and place it in the package with the defective power supply. Then send it well-padded, anti-static and securely packed to the post office.

Please fill out carefully online at the browser. E.g. with the Chrome browser, JavaScript must be enabled for this function.
In some older browsers or with other browser preferences, the PDF is only offered as a download. In that case, please fill in on screen anyway, save, print and sign.

get Adobe Acrobat-ReaderAlternatively, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader and save the PDF on your computer. Then complete the form using the Acrobat Reader installed.

Then save the completed PDF form “repair order”, print it out and add your signature with company stamp.

Sending from a third country

If you are shipping one or more power supplies to us from a third country, please clearly note on the customs declaration that it is an active finishing service.
Please do not declare your shipment with the fictitious new goods value. Because in fact your defective device has a value of zero euros, as it is defective and therefore has scrap value.
Remember that your item should go through customs as quickly and inexpensively as possible for you, otherwise this will delay the timely receipt of your shipment.
We will not mark your item as a gift or pay customs fees. These fees are always the responsibility of the buyer. Please check with your country’s customs office before purchasing to determine what additional charges will apply.

Customs clearances and delays vary from country to country and are beyond our control as a service provider.
We always try to choose the fastest, safest and most cost effective way for you.