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Power supply repair: problem, solution and feedback

Here you can read how the power supply repair of models from various manufacturers is done and what experiences our customers have with our company.
In these typical customer cases, which we have worked on recently, you can read about the experiences customers have made with power supply repair: Problem, solution and feedback.

Power supply failure of EVM-5004-10-FSP – and repair as solution

Problem:That unit EVM-5004-10 from FSP was working. The power supply shut down because of some failure detected. The system message was not very specific.
If I remove the unit off and then put it in place, it would work normally for 5 minutes and then the problem will come again.
Solution:We repair the power supply EVM-5004-10.
Feedback:Olá Jens. Ok, I have decided to repair it. I’m sure you have the necessary technical skills to fix/replace the bad parts and I hope the unit will have the same life expectancy as a new one.
I decided for you because I think that is best for the Planet to recycle then to replace by new, so please send me the payment instructions and I’ll pay by Paypal.
Industrial sector:Visual media, photo and so on
Region:South Europe, Spain, country near Mediterranean Sea, 12-2017

Webhoster get power failures

2 of 4 power supplies fro two servers failed over night.
Server shows power failures by the IPMI Console.
Solution:Our customer knows us since years very well. He shut down those both machines and shipped all 4 units for repair and overhauling by „time-Matter Courier Servie“ direct ot us. They arraived next early morning at 7´o clock AM. The repair and overhauling took place the same business day. All 4 Supermicro / Ablecom PWS-721P-1R has been repaired and shipped back at the same day.
Feedback:What shall i say: perfect, fast and reliable. As webhosting company we had many defect power supplies, since we know about  Engel-Informationstechnik we don´t have to buy new units.
Also our data center stock could been reduced by this solution, cause no longer many different units had to be place in stock.
Industrial sector:Business Manager Webhosting
Region:Area Mannheim, Heidelberg, Speyer 10-2017

Animation Company USA calls 911-Dusslingen for ..emergency service

Problem:Our customer from LA had major issues with three Power Supplies Etasis FST-512 for his Fibrenetics E8-1664-F281-B1 and E4-1662-F241-B1. All three units quit at nearly the same time. He needs emergency express-repair to keep his video streaming servers and facility alive. He was not able to find any other company worldwide to fix them. Also the manufacturer did not offer anymore support or is able to ship new units for replacement. Now our new customer had to solve this problem instantly, to avoid contract troubles with his partners Disney, Warner Bros., Viacom, Turner, and Universal.
Solution:Expressrepair in Dusslingen-Baden Württemberg, delivery by Fedex at 17th of October 2017, shipping back of the repaired units took place at 20.10. by Express. The payment was done instantly by Paypal by the customer, after receiving his pro-forma invoice, to be just in time with all the paperwork :D. His Server for Family und Entertainment Company ist now online again and is streaming.
Feedback:“Dear Jens, thanks a lot for your excellent and very fast service. You’re the only one in the world who could save our power supplies and our facility. Great. I’m so glad we found you to fix these. They work! Thank you so much! I will recommend you to all my colleagues! David“ Coordinating Producer, Los Angeles
Industrial sector:Entertainment and Animation
Region:California, L.A. – City of the Angels :)
In the following a feThecus NAS (Network Attached Storage)w cases we recently worked on:

Repair of power supply for Thecus NAS (Network Attached Storage)

Problem:The NAS (Network Attached Storage) Thecus N5200PRO had a failure in his power supply with PN 4301-0017-11. The Fabricant: Seventeam just didn’t start anymore. So the people can’t work with it.
Solution:The power supply ST-200UAB-05E was repaired by Engel-Informationstechnik in Germany, March 2017
Feedback:“Dear Jens, We received the repaired supply and it’s perfectly working, thanks a lot. Yes, this is fine, thank you! Best regards. Xavier Parcel”
Industrial sector:Video post-production
Region:FORUM DES IMAGES, Paris, France
Storage Netzteil Reparatur Engel Informationstechnik

Defective power supply Delta exchanged

Problem:The Power supply DPS-730AB a C46098-004 Delta didn’t work anymore and it was too risky to let a storage system work with only 1 power supply.
Solution:We sent him a working power supply DPS-730AB a in exchange from Germany. Later, the customer sent us his defect PSU for an exchange from Romania. After a short time, he could work with 2 PSU´s again.
Feedback:Thank you. I have received the parcel today and everything is OK now, the source is working well.
Industrial sector:auto mobiles services
Region:Romania, Bucuresti

Error: two power supplys are not working in Ireland

Problem:Two of the ElanVital power supply got destroyed. Our costumer is worried according to the fact that the whole irish part of the company is unable to work. He is seeking for a fast solution for his ElanVital EVM-2614-00 .
Solution:Express shipping to Germany, Express repair of the two EVM-2614-00 and express shipping back of the ElanVital power supply.
Feedback:before: “Hi Jens, I now have two of these PSUs that I could do with repairing with some urgency. These two PSUs will be starting their journey to you very shortly! They are packaged and ready to go and one of the office staff will be taking them to the post office this afternoon. I have requested that they are sent to you as quickly as possible. Andy”
3 days later: “Hi Jens, I Though you might like to know that the power supplies have arrived safely with me, thank you very much! I have passed your invoice along to (..) our finance officer, for her to process. Many thanks Andy“
Industrial sector:Software development and planning Service in Irland

System vendor in France

Problem:Repeated defects of 2-10 Power Supplies, most DPS-730ABC, that need to be fixed.
Solution:Calculation of a fix price for any following repair.
Feedback:Dear Jens, german quality /enabled! Very very fast and absolute reliably. Next supplies are on way to you. Best regards
Industrial sector:IT System house
Region:France, ca. 30 km in the south of Paris

SP 252-TC 672042620326 Ablecom Supermicro

Problem:Abloom power supply SP 252-TC from Portugal ist not working
Solution:Repair of the PSU SP 252-TC from Ablecom (Supermicro) in Germany, fast, low-priced and in high quality. Even the transport back to Portugal is as easy and fast as our repair service.
Feedback:„Thank you for all.
You re an excellent seller and i want to make sucessfull transactions in the future.“
Industrial sector:Video production, Videoproduktion
Region:Portugal, Gaia